35-2010 Matilda Alternate Mantlet B (TAM)


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Matilda Alternate Mantlet B

This is a simple replacement for the kit part. All of our mantles are based on war-time photographs of Matildas that were actually fielded with Commonwealth forces. While the changes may not be readily apparent at first, once you know what you’re looking for, they differences should stand out. Pay close attention to where the barrel comes out of the mantlet and to the areas around the gun sight aperture. Mike also added enhanced casting texture as well as some really sharp details to the cavity where the Besa MG protrudes through the mantlet that are not in any of the kits. Please check your personal references to determine which mantle is correct for the particular vehicle you’re building.

Master by: Mike Sills

Scale: 1/35th

Old Item#: 35-45427


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