Russian WW II

Russian WW2 41 Items
35-3001 Russian AFV Tie-Down Cleats (Large)
35-3002 Russian AFV Tie-Down Cleats (Small)
35-3003 KV Series Creased-Curved Rear Hull Overhang (TRU)
35-3004 KV Series Initial L-11 Mantlet (TRU)
35-3005 KV Series Early L-11 Mantlet  (TRU)
35-3006 KV ‘Malenkly Bahnly’ Turret Shell (Corrected 1939 Turret) (TRU)
35-3007 KV 17-Hole Nose Plate (TRU)
35-3008 KV 8-Hole Nose Plate (TRU)
35-3009 KV Early Pattern Fender Storage Boxes (set of 3 — without reinforced lids) (TRU)
35-3010 KV Exhausts
35-3011 KV Series Cast Return Rollerss with Hexagonal Hubs (TRU)
35-3012 KV Series Clear Periscope Heads (set of 6) (TRU)
35-3013 KV Series Early Glacis, Upper Hull (clean with pistol port) (TRU)
35-3014 KV Series Early Road Wheels with 8 Cooling Vents (TRU)
35-3015 KV Series Early Welded Turret Shell (L-11 Gun) (TRU)
35-3016 KV Series L-11 Gun Mount (TRU)
35-3017 KV Series Periscope Covers (without Flange, with Weld Beads) (TRU)
35-3018 KV Series Periscope Covers (without Flange, without Weld Beads) (TRU)
35-3019 KV Series Pistol Port Plug with Internal Mounting Details (TRU)
35-3020 KV Series Rear Hull PLate and Deflector (no tail light) (TRU)
35-3021 KV Series Rear Hull PLate and Deflector (welded tail light) (TRU)
35-3022 KV Turret Early Rear MG Mount (TRU)
35-3023 Matilda Mk.IV Russian Update (TAM)
35-3024 T-34/76 1942 STZ Late — OOP
35-3025 T-34/76 1942 STZ Welded Turret with Cheek Cut
35-3026 T-34/76 STZ Mantlet with Barrel
35-3027 T-34 Exhaust Cover 40 mm (ALL)
35-3028 T-34 Exhaust Cover 8-Bolt Plain (ALL)
35-3029 T-34 Exhausts
35-3030 T-34 Welded Exhausts
35-3031 T-34/76 550mm Ice Cleats
35-3032 T-34/76 Bow Mounted MG Barrel
35-3033 T-34/76 Drive Sprockets Style #1
35-3034 T-34/76 Driver’s Hatch 1941 (Late)
35-3035 T-34/76 Early Style Headlight
35-3036 T-34/76 Early Style Transmission Cover with PE Screen
35-3037 T-34/76 Early Turret Roof Periscope Set
35-3038 T-34/76 Front Fenders Style #1
35-3039 T-34/76 Idlers Style #1
35-3040 T-34/76 Rear Fenders Style #1
35-3041 T-34/76 Side Fenders Style #1
35-3042 T-34/76 Turret Hatch Style #1
35-3043 T-34/76 Turret Stops with Jacks
35-3044 T-34/76 Road Wheels Style #1