British WW II

British WW2 44 Items
35-2001 British WW II .45 cal. Thompson MG
35-2002 Lakeman AA MG Mount w/MG Assy (TAM)
35-2003 Commonwealth Style Tie-Downs (Bolted On)
35-2004 Commonwealth Sherman Head Lights with Brush Guards
35-2005 Sherman “Commonwealth” Siren Set
35-2006 Matilda Mk.I (BEF) Backdate (TAM)
35-2007 Matilda Mk.II Backdate (TAM)
35-2008 Matilda Mk.III “Desert” Update (TAM)
35-2009 Matilda Alternate Mantlet A (TAM)
35-2010 Matilda Alternate Mantlet B (TAM)
35-2011 Matilda Alternate Mantlet C (TAM)
35-2012 Matilda Alternate Mantlet D (TAM)
35-2013 Matilda Early Turned Aluminum Barrel (TAM)
35-2014 Matilda Late Turned Aluminum Barrel (TAM)
35-2015 Matilda General Detail Set (TAM)
35-2016 Matilda Early Nose Casting (TAM)
35-2017 Matilda Alternate Early Nose Casting (TAM)
35-2018 Matilda Early Nose Casting with Block Applique (TAM)
35-2019 Matilda Late Nose Casting (TAM)
35-2020 Matilda Solid Applique Nose Casting (TAM)
35-2021 Matilda Very Late Nose Casting (TAM)
35-2022 Matilda Late Turret Ring Armor (Tamiya)
35-2023 Matilda Solid Stowage Lockers with Casting Marks (TAM)
35-2024 Matilda Solid Stowage Lockers without Casting Marks (TAM)
35-2025 Matilda Storage Locker Armor with Square Plates (TAM)
35-2026 Matilda Stowage Lockers with Full Welded Covers (TAM)
35-2027 Matilda Stowage Lockers with Tack Welded Covers (TAM)
35-2028 Matilda POW Stowage Rack
35-2029 Matilda Rear Hull Replacement without Fuel Tank Mounts (TAM)
35-2030 Matilda Mk.II Mud Guards (TAM)
35-2031 Matilda Muffler, Late, Staggard (TAM)
35-2032 Firefly Ic Upper Hull (ASU)
35-2033 Sherman Firefly IC Turret with Cast-in Cheek Armor (ASU)
35-2034 M4A4 Upper Hull (ASU)
35-2035 Sherman Firefly Vc Low Bustle Turret Shell  (ASF) (ASU)
35-2036 A13 Corrected Engine Deck (BRO)
35-2037 A13 Corrected Fenders & Storage Boxes (BRO)
35-2038 Crusader Mk I Semi-Internal Mantle w/Turned Barrel (ITA)
35-2039 Crusader Mk II Cast External Mantle w/Turned Barrel (ITA)
35-2040 M3 Honey Interior (ACD)
35-2041 Staghound M8 Turret Conversion (BRO)