‘Quick-Find’ is our response to repeated requests to make a simple list of our product line.  When you hover over the ‘Quick-Find’ link, you will see a pop-out menu to the right.   Each of these menus will contain a list of every product we offer in that category or sub-category. However, these will be more than just simple lists.  Not only can you copy and paste them into a folder and save them on your own computer, but you can click the item number for each product and the hyperlink will take you to the detailed listing page for that product.  This way, you can scroll through the complete list of products under a given category without having to sort through them a handful at a time on the main Products Page.  And, if you see something you like, all you have to do is click and you’ll be taken to the detailed listing page for that item.

We hope you find this feature useful in helping you get to know our product line better.