Navigating the Site

Welcome to our new web site and store.  A lot has changed, most of it in the form of additional content and support.  I suspect you won’t have any problems navigating the site but, just in case you have a specific question, I have written this page in an attempt to anticipate and answer them for you.  I hope you’ll find it useful.


The primary navigation of our new site is controlled by the ‘Pages’ across the top of the web site.  They start with ‘HOME‘ and end with the ‘CONTACT‘ page.  By placing your cursor over the page, you can discover whether or not it contains ‘child pages.’  If it does not, then simply click to be take to that page.  However, if a page has a child page, you will see them in a drop-down menu.  In some cases, child pages my have ‘grand-child pages.’  Once again, just place the cursor over the child page to discover whether or not the child page has any grandchildren 🙂


All of our products can be found under the ‘PRODUCTS‘ page.  If you click on the ‘PRODUCTS’ page, it will take you to a complete list of every product we sell.  However, you can narrow your search in one of several ways.


Our shopping cart is Woo Commerce-based.  This means it is not only safe and secure, it is extremely easy to use.  You will now find several pages at the top of our site, all related to your account with us and your shopping cart.  They will help you control your account, set and change your own password and even track your orders.  What’s more, the new shopping cart will allow you to check out as a guest so, if you ever have any trouble, you can simply use that option and bypass the account settings.


Our site is Word Press-based.  This means it is infinitely searchable.

First, you can search by categories.  In the left margin of the home page, you will find ‘CATEGORIES.’  Click on it and a drop-down menu will appear with all of our categories and sub-categories.  Just click on whichever one of them interests you and a list of products dealing with that subject will be generated.

You will also find a list of every product we offer in each category listed under ‘QUICK-FIND‘ in the ‘SUPPORT‘ page.  Under the QUICK-FIND page, you will find grand-child pages listing every category we offer.  These grand-child pages contained numerical listings of every product in that category with the product number being linked to the detail listing page for that item.  This allows you to search our product listings quickly and, when you find the item you are look for, all you have to do is click the link and it will take you to the listing in question.  These lists can also be copied and saved on your computer.

You can also sort according to the menu found at the top right corner of every product listing page.

Finally, you will find that this site is infinitely searchable.  To this extent, you can enter key words in the search function at the top of the left margin.  This will return every listing and page containing your key term(s).   In order to help keep the number of returns down, we have tried to keep certain key words and terms limited to the descriptions of related products and not to use them in other places any more than necessary.


Our new site also helps you keep up with new releases and updates.  Once again, you have several ways you can do this.

First, you can go to the SUPPORT page and click on NEW RELEASES.  That will take you to a chronological listing of our NEW RELEASES posts.  You can also click on UPDATES and that will generate a chronological list of all our UPDATE posts.  You can also use the calendar in the left margin of the HOME page.  If we posted a new item or update, it will show in the calendar.  Just click on whichever day you are interested in and it will return a list of everything that was published on that day.   And, in the event that you are looking for a post older than the current month, you can use the ‘Archives’ function to search prior months for the information you seek.

Finally, you will be able to ‘subscribe’ to our posts.  When you do this, all new releases and updates will be delivered to you via email.  Just make sure you have set your SPAM filter to allow emails from


You will not find a link to the Tiger Model Designs Face Book page.  You can navigate directly to our Face Book page simply by clicking the link on our Face Book listing.  You can also ‘like’ our Face Book page directly from our site by clicking on the button in the right margin.


Another new addition to our web site is the ability to provide direct feedback.  You can post comments and ask questions on any of our UPDATES or NEW RELEASES posts.  You can also post reviews or comments on the listing page of each product, but there is a restriction on posting to the listing pages.  We have it set so that you must be a verified owner of that item to post a review or comment on listing pages.


Finally, you will find that our contact information is much easier to find.  You can email directly from the ‘CONTACT‘ page, which has an email form you may use.

On top of this, we have posted our contact information, hours and even a map of our location in the left margin of the web site.


We have done everything we could think of to provide you with an attractive web page that is as easy to navigate as we can possibly make it.  The idea is to present our product as cleanly and clearly as possible, but also to provide you with as much support as we can.  We also want to make it easy for you to interact with us and to share our publications with your friends.  I have always said that I think of you as a friend, and I sincerely hope it shows in the design of our new web site.  So, please, fell free to have a look around.  You might even find we make something you never knew about 🙂